FINAT – Third YMC summit focused on leadership and innovation

Prior to the event, a YMC delegation took the opportunity to visit Delfort Group’s nearby Dunafin plant, part of the group's release base paper division

HUNGARY • At the end of April, next-generation leaders of label companies spent three days of learning and networking at FINAT’s annual Young Managers Club Global Summit in Budapest. This year’s event addressed two specific challenges: winning the generation game and innovation.

The summit began with a full-day workshop entitled “Getting Promoted and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Leadership”, led by Elaine Eades and Fiona McNamara, experts in management, careers, and interpersonal skills, from Liverpool, UK. The workshop lasted a whole day, delivering real insights into the way in which the core structure of a company – its people base – can be successfully and properly managed.


YMC members assessed their current life status, and then discuss the pain points they are experiencing as successors in their companies. Topics such as the work/life ratio (the family = the business), managing expectations and priorities; and assuming a managerial role were raised,

Success strategies and knowing yourself

The workshop went on to examine ways in which appropriate strategies and tactics for dealing with leadership and change in their companies. It begins with knowing yourself. Being aware of one’s personal “make-up” is, said workshop leaders Eades and McNamara, of real assistance in life – in work situations, with family, and in managing oneself. Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), each delegate built a mind picture of the features of his/her personality. It can help to improve relationships, self-confidence, and personal effectiveness and growth and, significantly, change management and conflict management are highly-dependent on a knowledge of the personality types of those involved in specific situations.

The Label Academy

The opening session on the second day was dedicated to an update on the Label Academy. Mike Fairley, a prime mover in creating this new opportunity to take part in “an organised education and training process” for label printing, showed delegates how the platform is continuing to grow, with a number of specialist study modules now available. Students can work through these modules individually and take online examinations in their chosen subject, to gain formal certification. The Label Academy has been formally endorsed by FINAT, TLMI in the US, and LMAI in India, and there have been more than 2,000 registrations for the training modules.

Brainstorming on innovation

As the label industry at large is challenged to deliver innovation in today’s fast-paced market, the final session was devoted to interactive brainstorming on this subject with practitioner and inventor Johannes Höfler. With his Patent and Founder Company, established in 2014, he focus on out-of-the-box thinking within a disciplined format that can turn innovative concepts into successful business. In an established industry such as labels, there are more opportunities for “intrapreneurs” to innovate and refresh the organisational structure of a business than there are in new products. He emphasised that innovation is a process that continues from idea through implementation; and it actively involves the whole company hierarchy, from management on down. Lively discussions were held on all elements of innovation, from design to marketing, and creating/enhancing a company’s unique added-value offer.

The Young Managers Club

The YMC was founded by FINAT, the European label association, to support the successors to Europe’s self-adhesive label print industry founders, owners and managers; to create a networking platform for the new generation of leaders; and to grow management expertise at all levels of the value chain.

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