FINAT Young Managers Club – Global congress programme

Impressions from a recent YMC event

The Netherlands  • FINAT’s Young Managers Club (YMC) will hold its second global congress in Bratislava, Slovakia on April 16-18, 2015. In recent years, YMC has selected locations in Central and Eastern Europe for its gatherings as part of its strategy to connect more with members from that region.

Based on the positive experience gained from previous YMC meetings, this year’s congress theme is “Climb to the top” and the programme once takes again a very hands-on approach, combining a company site visit, workshops, and panel discussion sessions. “YMC represents some 80 young managers from companies active in the self-adhesive labelling supply chain across Europe and beyond,” says Young Managers Club President, Dana Kilarska. “The concept of managing a ‘thin company’ is about identifying the bottlenecks within one’s company to find and employ better solutions, and run the business more smoothly —  both at a production and administrative level.”

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