Highlighting LED UV – A survey throughout the label industry

What is the current market situation for LED regarding label printing? NarrowWebTech gives you a range of different optinions in this market survey! (Picture Source: Phoseon)

The whole printing industry is talking about LED UV, but what is the current market situation for LED UV really like? What about ink migration? Where do companies see the greatest potential in this regard? NarrowWebTech asked a range of companies who are active in the label industry what they think about LED UV and its current status quo in the label and flexible packaging market.

By Rosina Obermayer


We asked the following questions:

1) What is the current market situation for LED UV and how will this further develop during the upcoming years?

2) LED UV curing opens up potential for processing difficult substrates. What are the most promising applications with regard to narrow web production?

3) Ink migration is a hot topic: What are the challenges regarding printing inks and substrates? Compared with other ink systems, what do print shops have to consider if processing LED UV inks?

4) LED UV is often characterized as being sustainable: What ecological aspects do you identify such as recyclability of the printed and cured substrates?

A range of opinions will be covered in this interview series during the upcoming few weeks.

  • Part 1 with BASF, Dr Juergen Baro: “LED UV is penetrating all major printing technologies, but at a different pace.”
  • Part 2 with Execelitas, Pamela Lee: “LED UVs offer a number of environmental benefits, including lower power consumption, no ozone emissions, and longer lifetime.”
  • Part 3 with Marcus Greenbook, GEW: “The market is buoyant and market share for LED UV is rising steadily.”
  • Part 4 with Petra Burger, Dr. Hönle AG: “The increasing market penetration reveals that the acceptance of LED technology in the printing market is improving.”
  • Coming Monday, 14th Jan.: Part 5 with Volker Selg, IST Metz: “One of the core advantages is the absence of IR radiation, simply leading to less thermal stress on the substrate.”
  • Coming Wednesday, 16th Jan: Part 6 with Philipp Hölzl, Jänecke+Schneemann Druckfarben
  • Coming Friday, 18th Jan: Part 7 with Marine Faucher, Phoseon

The survey is also publishes in our latest print issue, NarrowWebTech issue 4-2018, which is available in our shop!

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