IMI – Inkjet winter workshop 2017

SPAIN • The IMI Europe inkjet winter workshop takes place from 23-27 January 2017. With location in Barcelona it offers an in-depth look at key aspects of digital printing application development. There is an early registration discount in place until 9 December.

The new course “High Speed Inkjet System Design – Development and integration of single pass digital printing solutions” is led by Rob Rogers of Print3 Technologies (formerly of Fujifilm Dimatix and EFI Jetrion). It provides an introduction to the challenges of single pass inkjet printer design and process development. “Inkjet Drop Behaviour – How ink behaves on, in and above surfaces during inkjet printing” is another new course. It covers the detailed behaviour of ink drops during inkjet printing, both in flight and when interacting with surfaces, providing a conceptual understanding of the complex processes affecting print quality. “Inkjet Ink Manufacturing – Manufacturing inks for performance and reliability” – this course covers the issues of inkjet ink design, development and testing, scale-up for manufacture and manufacturing itself. It also covers ink plant design and commercial considerations.

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