Interview series 20 years label printing – Part 4: “How Mark Andy grew into Europe”

“It was not until the mainland headquarters was moved from Switzerland to Poland in 2015 that the situation began to change” - Tom Cavalco, Mark Andy (Source: Mark Andy)

A comment by Tom Cavalco, European managing director at Mark Andy, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of NarrowWebTech.

 For many years the leading manufacturer of narrow web flexo presses, Mark Andy based in St. Louis, has enjoyed a majority share of the North American market.  But in continental Europe, where competition from local manufacturers was much stronger, the challenge of establishing and growing a significant presence has proved more difficult.


The UK and Ireland were well-served from the company’s subsidiary in Macclesfield, but it was not until the mainland headquarters was moved from Switzerland to Poland in 2015 that the situation began to change – and change dramatically.

Now, from its base in Warsaw, where a showroom, demonstration and training facility offers existing and potential customers in the EMEA region the facilities which their American counterparts have enjoyed for years, sales have taken off. The launch of the Performance Series flexo presses in 2009 heralded a new era for the company, and the P Series has gone on to win international awards and become the fastest-selling narrow web flexo press of all time. Available in four models, P3, P4, P5, and P7, the presses are available in web widths from 10” to 17” (250 to 430 mm) and in the case of the 300m/min P7, web widths of 20” and 22” (508 and 558 mm) are available . A range of ancillary equipment is available to add value, and most P Series entering the European market are now high-spec machines.

More recently, Mark Andy has moved into the digital market with two of its own designs, Digital One and Digital Series. Digital One is an entry level toner-based press, designed to appeal to those who have no need for full industrial capability.  With a small footprint and low running costs, Digital One is easy to operate and offers inline finishing with a flexo unit for varnish, a die cutter and rewinder.  Digital Series is unique in the narrow web market in that it was developed entirely in-house. This digital inkjet/flexo hybrid line offers converters almost unlimited flexibility of production, and in its new HD version, the capability of CMYK plus OVG. Its modular design future proofs the converter’s investment by allowing additional elements to be added as demand dictates.

Mark Andy enjoyed record sales in 2017, with a solid base in flexo machines and fast-growing interest in both types of digital press. We are aiming to further build our sales and support network in the EMEA region to match the high demand for our technology – which is also reflected in the growth of our business.

This comment was first published as part of our “20 years NarrowWebTech” survey. If you want to read more opinions to 20 years label printing, then take a look in this post.

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