Interview series 20 years label printing – Part 5 with Nilpeter: “The impact of digital printing in many variations”

“No one questions the impact of digital printing in its many variations – with UV inkjet as the current trend” – Jakob Landberg, Nilpeter (Source: Nilpeter)

A comment by Jakob Landberg, sales & marketing director at Nilpeter, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of NarrowWebTech.

The development in digital printing has pushed conventional printing technologies to become leaner in terms of setup times and reduction in waste. This has been achieved by radical innovations within automation. The technological developments within digital printing have impacted job lengths which in turn, has rubbed off on conventional technologies, which have undergone tremendous evolution in terms of automation features. We have gone from setup times registered in hours to merely seconds.


The increased demand for efficiency has made the conventional presses take a quantum leap, allowing for shorter job lengths. With a self-perpetuating effect that the customers ask for even shorter series, pushing the technological developments forward.

No one questions the impact of digital printing in its many variations – with UV inkjet as the current trend. UV inkjet has allowed printing to be carried out in combination with conventional printing methods, such as flexo and foil printing, and thereby merging the best of both worlds.

Our business has always focused on inline solutions, and this philosophy now includes digital printing. The UV inkjet hybrid solutions with all its advantages will dominate the market in the years to come.

Moreover, label converters have been looking to expand their product offering and differentiate themselves from the competition by moving into other substrates such as flexible packaging and shrink sleeve printing.

Looking ahead, the influencing factors will be clean-hand technologies in combination with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. But also legislative demands for low migration and low odour will have its impact. Our industry will surely be reformed once again!

This comment was first published as part of our “20 years NarrowWebTech” survey. If you want to read more opinions to 20 years label printing, then take a look in this post.
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