Interview series: What’s the next game-changer? – Answers from Çiftsan Label Company

NarrowWebTech asked label printers and converters as well as label associations to give their views about the past, the present and the future of the label industry. What was the most important thing to note in 2016? What will be relevant in 2017? Read here what Erkan Yolgun, pre-print technical manager at Çiftsan Label Company, think about the latest developments within our industry in the past year and in the immediate future!

Erkan Yolgun
Pre-print technical manager, Çiftsan Label Company


  1. Looking back at 2016, what were the most important developments in terms of technology and production workflow to affect the label industry?

During 2016, one of the most important developments in terms of technology and production workflow to affect the label industry was automation software which effects printing machines positively. This affects the printing technology and turns it into digital process and mechanical systems turn it into smart systems.

  1. Some describe Industry 4.0 as the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. What is your opinion on this evolution of communications within the production chain, and how does it affect your workflow?

Exactly right about revolution! Extensive use of the internet with everything especially following up production process e.g. with smart phones etc. everywhere, this helps people to analyse matters with the help of automation software which changes  production areas into smart factories. This speeds up the production process. Time is the most important cost for fast production and fast growing technology which helps us to save time.

  1. What are your concerns and expectations for the label industry in 2017? What do you consider will be the game-changing developments? How does your view relate to what you might see at Labelexpo Europe 2017?

Products seems to being more often personalized instead of a common design these days. Digital printing systems can help us to make production for personal (specialized) labels. In future, smart factories will meet the requirements of special customers better and more efficiently. Designing prototype products will be speeded up by 3D printers and will decrease production costs.

  1. Do you currently have digital printing capability? Will you be investing in a digital press (or presses) in 2017?

Currently we give a service to market with our HP Indigo WS6800 digital printing machine. In upcoming years, digital printing appears to grow and globalize day by day. Therefore, we plan to invest and increase our digital printing capacity in the near future.

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