Interview series: What’s the next game-changer? – Answers from Stratus Packaging Europe

Isidore Leiser, CEO, Stratus Packaging Europe (Source: Stratus Packaging Europe)

NarrowWebTech asked label printers and converters as well as label associations to give their views about the past, the present and the future of the label industry. What was the most important thing to note in 2016? What will be relevant in 2017? Read here what Isidore Leiser, CEO, Stratus Packaging Europe, think about the latest developments within our industry in the past year and in the immediate future!

Isidore Leiser
CEO, Stratus Packaging Europe


  1. Looking back at 2016, what were the most important developments in terms of technology and production workflow to affect the label industry?

The most important event in 2016 was Drupa. Here we saw a further evolution towards digitalisation of our printing process and for the first time almost everybody had inkjet on their stand as well as conventional machines

  1. Some describe Industry 4.0 as the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’. What is your opinion on this evolution of communications within the production chain, and how does it affect your workflow?

The production of labels is mostly short run so to be able to reduce set-up time and lower waste is a good evolution of today’s trend. But I hope that intelligent labels will help our customer to enter the “4th Industrial Revolution”.

  1. What are your concerns and expectations for the label industry in 2017?

In 2017, we hope to see faster machines but not only with higher speed but also with a quick change-over including many decoration options.

  1. Do you currently have digital printing capability? Will you be investing in a digital press (or presses) in 2017?

Yes, today more than 10% of our machines are digital and we will continue to invest both in conventional and digital capacity.


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