JM Heaford – Showing FTS and ELS mounters at Gallus Innovation Days

SWITZERLAND n Being part of the Gallus Innovation Days exhibition next week (St Gallen, 26 – 28 June) the company will highlight Heaford solutions that offer label producers a quick and precise semi-automatic plate mounting.

With its FTS and ELS mounters, the company aims to demonstrate the ease-of-use, accuracy and build quality at the biennial open house event in St Gallen. The FTS 700 and ELS 600 are within the Gallus demonstration centre for use during press trials and for potential Gallus customers to see operating. JM Heaford is inviting visitors to try out the equipment themselves.


The Heaford FTS has been frequently was first launched onto the market five years ago. According to the company it allows non-skilled operators to quickly learn how to mount a plate accurately in less than one minute. The procedure involves placing a plate on the table and aligning the register marks with two cameras via a viewing slot in the cushioned table. Once the operator has done this and verified alignment, the cylinder is lowered so that the plate adheres to it, and then it rolls back and forth over the plate to eliminate any air.

The ELS is also available for demonstration during the Gallus Innovation Days. According to JM Heaford this entry-level investment is suitable for the printer in eliminating press downtime caused through inaccurate mounting “by eye”. The 600 mm (23.62”) wide ELS 600 model consists of a modular platform that can be fitted with a range of additional options and upgraded over time. It is available as cylinder and sleeve version and features quick-release camera focal adjustment.

Gallus announced to introduce a new digital label printing system called Gallus Smartfire.  More details to the Gallus Innovation Days 2018 find in this post. The editorial team of NarrowWebTech will be there and report afterwards!

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