L9 – 2015 World Label Awards category winners announced

The winner for the “Class 18: Digital Wine/Spirits” category: Collotype Labels, USA for “Diströya”

THE NETHERLANDS • The L9 associations announced the results of the 2015 L9 World Label Awards competition judged by an international jury just before Labelexpo Europe in Brussels in September 2015. The current class structure includes 22 classes covering all the principal printing processes and market applications. The results are listed in class order with the winners announced first followed by the honourable mention (HM) awards.

The L9 is an alliance of global label associations for the purposes of formulating policies and gathering strategic information in connection with global matters affecting the worldwide label industry. Since its inception 24 year ago when only three label associations took part the World Label Awards has grown into a truly worldwide international competition with all the L9 associations eligible to enter.


The associations taking part this year included FINAT (Europe), TLMI (USA), JFLP (Japan), LATMA (Australia), SALMA (New Zealand), PEIAC (China), AMETIQ (Mexico). The awards are seen within the global label industry as the technical Oscars which many label printers aspire to win. Each label is judged initially on its technical merits with the judges examining each label in the minutest detail. “We are always looking for that extra mile as far as quality goes” comments Tony White chairman of the international judging panel, “ More than ever, the quality has amazed us, pushing the technical limits of label production to new heights”.

The judges for this year’s competition included Tony White (Chairman), Mike Buystedt (TLMI), Andrew Maxwell (LATMA), Tony Wheeler (SALMA), Yao Yi (PEIAC) and Sumio Morimoto (JFLP).

The Results

Class 1: Flexo Line

Winner TLMI: McDowell Label & Screen Printing, USA for “Madame Hair refresher”
HM FINAT Constantia Flexibles Label Division, UK for “Cranes Drinks”

Class 2: Flexo Line Screen/Tone

Winner LATMA: Wedderburn, Australia for “Gold Truffle Salami”
HM FINAT DGS Baski Teknolojleri AS, Turkey for “Opet Full Gear EP 1lt”

Class 3: Flexo Colour Process

JFLP: Takara Pac Ltd., Japan for “Cherry Body Soap”
HM TLMI: McDowell Label & Screen Printing, USA for “The Curse”

Class 4: Flexo Wine/Spirits

Joint winner SALMA: Rapid Labels, New Zealand for “Silver Moki Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014”
Joint winner LATMA: Studio Labels, Australia for “Handpicked”

Class 5: Letterpress Line

Winner PEIAC: ZhongBiao Anti-counterfeiting Printing Co. Ltd., China “Security Labels of Qianlongzubancheng”

Class 7: Letterpress Colour Process

Winner JFLP: SATO PRINTING CO. LTD., Japan for “Green Tea “Keikacha””

Class 8: Letterpress Wine/Spirits

Joint winner JFLP: Sankyo Tac Label Co. Ltd., Japan for “Muscat Bailey A”
Joint winner LATMA: Labelhouse, Australia for “Robert the Bruce 700cl”

Class 11: Offset Colour Process

Winner JFLP: FUJI MARK CO. LTD., Japan for “Label for Salted Firefly Squid”

Class 12: Offset Wine/Spirits

Winner LATMA: Collotype Labels Australia for “Original Vineyards – Hilltops”
HM FINAT: Collotype Labels, Australia for “Christobel’s Moscato”
HM SALMA: Panprint Ltd, New Zealand for “Brancott Estate Flight Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc”

Class 14: Combination Line Screen/Tone

Winner TLMI: Infinite Packaging Group, USA for “18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Shampoo”

Class 15: Combination Colour Process

Winner TLMI: McDowell Label & Screen Printing, USA for Poo-Pourri Dejá Poo”
HM JFLP: Shimokuni Co. Ltd., Japan for “Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee”

Class 16: Combination Wine/Spirits

Joint winner LATMA: Collotype Labels Australia for “HR – The Gorge Whisky”
Joint winner JFLP: Seieido Printing Co. Ltd., Japan for “Musashi”

Class 17: Digital Printing

Winner TLMI: WS Packaging Group Inc., USA for “Meguiar’s Paint Protect ”
HM LATMA: Collotype Labels Australia for “Lady Burra”

Class 18: Digital Wine/Spirits

Winner FINAT: Collotype Labels, USA for “Diströya”
HM TLMI: Collotype Labels, USA for “Tres Manos Añejo Tequila”

Class 19: Screen

Winner PEIAC: CymMetrik (kunshan) Printing Co. Ltd., China for SONY PS4 Handle logo
HM JFLP: Sibel Industry Co. ltd., Japan for “Masquerade”
HM FINAT: Stratus Packaging, France for “Nocibé Lotion 200ml”

Class 20: Gravure

Winner National Label Company, USA for “Energizer® EcoAdvanced AA”

Class 21: Booklets

No winner
HM FINAT: Codex Security Printing House Ltd., Hungary for “Scholl Velvet Smooth booklet”
HM PEIAC: CymMetrik (Shanghai) Printing Co. Ltd., China for “Lens Plus”

Class 22: Innovation

Winner JFLP: Sunny Sealing Co. Ltd., Japan for “Flying Dragonfly”

Overall ranking of winners by region

Association Winners Honourable Mention Total
JFLP 6 2 8
FINAT 1 5 6
LATMA 5 1 6
TLMI 5 2 7
PEIAC 2 1 3
SALMA 1 1 2
Total 20 12 32


Images of all Winning and HM labels are available for download on:

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