Online commerce on packaging and logistics and its requirements

Special package and logistics requirements for e-commerce (Source: Messe Düsseldorf)

GERMANY • Online commerce is enjoying a greater boom than any other sector. According to the German e-commerce and distance selling trade association (bevh), sales in this sector in Germany grew to almost EUR 14 billion in the second quarter of 2017. Throughout Europe, the industry association Ecommerce Europe reported in June 2017 that annual sales for 2016 had reached EUR 530 billion, and forecast growth of 13.6% for this year, to EUR 602 billion. For this reason, our sister magazine Flexo & Gravure Global publishes a series of articles by Messe Düsseldorf on key trends in packaging design and consumer demands.

Shipped products naturally have to be packaged appropriately to ensure that they can be stacked, for example, and to prevent damage to valuable contents. Yet online commerce would be inconceivable without cutting-edge marking technology and the associated software and IT solutions. The protection of goods extends beyond the packaging materials alone: 2D codes, tamper-proof protection and complete traceability are other measures that provide increased security in the supply chain.


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