Pictures of an Exhibition – Labelexpo Europe 2015

The largest label event in the world lasted four days from 29th of September to 2nd of October, attracted more than 35,000 visitors from 146 countries who came to see over 600 exhibitors occupy more than 34,000sqm of space in eight halls altogether.

Packed with people, stands, machines, materials it is only natural, that it left many deep impressions. Surrounded by vibrating business life, sometimes it is very hard get the full scoop on what’s happening in everything from the most tiny stand to the huge places like the ones of HP Indigo, Gallus or Omet. However, it is not only the business life which leaves an impression with us but also the human things, the chance meetings and the unexpected and surprising events. To pay tribute to these “side effects” of trade shows like Labelexpo Europe 2015, NarrowWebTech sticks to the tradition and publishes an image gallery of incoherent pictures to reflect the “human nature” of this marvelous show.


We hope you enjoy it!

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