Print Promotion – Know-how for the printing and packaging market in Uzbekistan

UZBEKISTAN • The majority of the more than 1800 printing companies in Uzbekistan are rather small companies with older equipment. In order to support the beginning modernization with fresh know-how, PrintPromotion GmbH is currently holding a three-day seminar for specialist teachers at the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry (TITLI). Together with PrintPromotion, two trainers from the Chemnitz-based AZP training centre for print & media travelled to this country in Central Asia in order to make the 25 attending specialist teachers acquainted with modern, quality-assured printing processes ranging from data preparation to prepress and printing and further down the line to the post-print working steps.

A growing printing and packaging market


31.5 million people are living in Uzbekistan. The printing industry of this country radiates to the neighbouring countries, i.e., Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. In total, the Central Asian region has roughly 110 million inhabitants. Ten years ago, there were hardly any printing companies with flexo or gravure printing machines. Furthermore, there are about 20 companies with that specific technology in the packaging sector alone, and that digital printing is up and coming as well. While there is no printing technology manufacturing industry in Uzbekistan, the printing market is definitely considerable: Recently, sales were about USD 260 million. There are approximately 18,000 producing companies, above all in the food sector, in industry as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Where items are produced, they are normally also packed – with rising quality demands.

A need for qualification

The growing quality awareness manifests itself in the curriculum of the courses of studies that printing engineers complete at the TITLI. The agenda includes not only quality control and digital workflows in prepress, but also the variety of modern printing technology as well as automated post-press processes. In the printing department of the institute established in 1980, now 16 professors, teachers and research assistants train future printing engineers in courses of study for both a Bachelor`s and a Master`s degree. In total, the institute in Tashkent has four faculties with 4000 students and a total of 337 professors and teachers going in and out. The 25 specialist teachers who participate in the presently given seminar for specialist teachers of PrintPromotion GmbH will spread the know-how that they now acquire in the printing industry in Uzbekistan.

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