Printers Survey: What is happening in the label industry? – Part 3 with Aleš Paula, Colognia Press

Aleš Paula from Colognia Press (Source: Colognia Press)

What do label printers worldwide think about the challenges? What plans do label printers and converters have for the future? Do they intend to invest and if so, in which technology? In our 2018′ survey a range of label printing and converting companies as well as associations points out to what is currently going on at the “label production front line”. Aleš Paula from Colognia Press talks about relevant trends and developments and the company’s latest investment in digital printing.

 Aleš Paula
Sales director, Colognia Press


 Looking back at 2017, what were the most important developments in terms of technology and production workflow to affect the label industry?

Aleš Paula: In 2017 trends affecting the label industry were mainly from the technology point of view. However, the most obvious action was that we invested in new digital printing technology. It is helping to make our service better and fits to our customers’ needs. The flexibility of converters for short run jobs will be important in the near future.

  1. What do you expect in 2018? What trends or developments will be most relevant?

Aleš Paula: We expect 2018 will be another year bringing many changes to our market. Some relevant trends and developments are: simplicity in designs, personalization of labels, conventional and digital printing – using unexpected combination of technologies- , Web2Print application, development in stamping and finishing, focus on recycle materials and environmental aspects of packing. In addition, we must not forget the general industrial focus on digitalisation of printing machines – Industry 4.0 also means the connection of even conventional printing lines to the World Wide Web.

  1. Do you intend to invest in new equipment, e.g. digital printing press? What plans do you have for 2018?

Aleš Paula: First of all we will try to focus on production process by using our digital technology launched in 2017 – simplicity in workflow. We plan to invest in prepress printing process and finalisation process e.g. upgrade of main finishing machines in our company.

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