Printers Survey: What is happening in the label industry? – Part 7 with Braizat Etiquettes

In our 2018′ survey a range of label printing and converting companies as well as associations points our to what is currently going on in the label market. Also the French label market as important part of the European market took part. Thus, Marie Aubin from Braizat Etiquettes answered our three questions regarding trends in 2017, the company’s plan in 2018 and about its latest and (maybe) upcoming investments.

 Marie Aubin
CEO, Braizat Etiquettes


  1. Looking back at 2017, what were the most important developments in terms of technology and production workflow to affect the label industry?

 Marie Aubin: I think that inkjet technology has begun to find its place. Web CRM (customer relationship management) enables better customer service and allows us to be more effective.

  1. What do you expect in 2018?

 Marie Aubin: Braizat Etiquettes specialise in producing limited series labels. More than ever, we have to take care of the customer and help him throughout his project, from advice at the beginning of the project to the finished product.

  1. Do you intend to invest in new equipment? What plans do you have for 2018?

 Marie Aubin: We have just invested in an Epson Surepress printing press and a die-cutting machine. We would also like to invest in a press for ennoblement of finishing to include gold or relief varnish UV.

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