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The label and package printing market in 2016

Annotations by Thomas Hagmaier, President of FINAT and CEO of Hagmaier Etiketten

Thomas Hagmaier, President of FINAT and CEO of Hagmaier Etiketten

Looking back on recent years it is obviously evident that investing in new and suitable state-of-the-art machinery has never been so crucial as it is today. This is partly due to the fact that technology is getting obsolete faster than ever before in history and profitable machinery use is limited to an ever shorter time-frame. On the other hand, we need such machinery to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers both in printing and converting and also in providing flexibility.

As far as my company, Hagmaier Etiketten is concerned, we were the first in Germany to use laser die-cutting and we have been using digital inkjet printing for more than five years. Now we are looking to find the most suitable partners to make the next joint steps to further develop this most promising technology. We deeply believe in the future of digitalization and expect significant growth rates. However, we should not lose sight of the opportunities still offered by “traditional” printing presses and the cutting-edge hybrid production lines.

There is no such thing than “right or wrong” in terms of technical equipment. The crucial factor is still the user’s vision of what to produce with which machine and the passion to implement it. Hagmaier Etiketten is a family business now in the third generation and we are still enthusiastic about this “sticky business”.

As an entrepreneur and FINAT president I know about the obstacles to overcome in the near future. Issues like recycling, standardization, and even stricter regulations concerning food packaging laws will occupy us in 2016. However, we should not forget that we are a strong and innovative industry provided with all the strength necessary to deal with the imponderabilities of current business life.


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