AB Graphic International: New digital Auto Slit development announced

GREAT BRITAIN The Bridlington-based company has developed Auto Slit, a new digital knife box that automates slitting and set-up for labels and packaging production through HMI touchscreen interface.

Designed for the Digicon, Omega and Vectra label converting lines, Auto Slit takes slitting a step further in digital automation, removing pressure from the operator. The fully modular system can be supplied as an option with machine purchase or as a retrofit on existing converting lines supplied by the company.

Explaining the reasons for the development, ANDREW NOBLE said »Auto Slit saves on both time and material waste and permits set-up of the slitting knives through touchscreen. The operator simply enters the job parameters into the system and the knives are automatically positioned in seconds. For example, a job requiring 15 knives can take up to five or ten minutes to set manually. Auto Slit permits this to be done in less than 50 seconds without handling the knives which also increases operator productivity«.


Andreas Keller

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