Apex: GTT Label roll to solve UV-spitting

UltraCell series of anilox rolls

AFRICA Apex introduces a new product in the range to the African label industry. The GTT Label roll is a patented open slalom ink channel geometry which allows the ink to flow precisely onto a printing plate. According to Apex it also solves UV-spitting in the label industry. For those printers who don’t require the high quality and precision that GTT yields, Apex also has its UltraCell and UltraCell+ conventional anilox rolls in all engravings, from Elongated cells, up to Channellox, Trihelical and Hexagonal. Apex bridge and plate sleeves are produced using a brand-new proprietary composite and a manufacturing process that delivers the utmost precision, longevity and performance for all flexo sleeve applications.

The BioClean and BioJet cleaning and maintenance packages offer environmentally- and operator friendly anilox/metering solutions. BioClean Dragon is a new product that cleans in co-operation with the special micro-sponge. It is a cleaner for water-based, solvent-based and UV inks, as well as lacquers and special coatings.

Andreas Keller

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