“At a glance”: Personal recommendations by editor Rosina Obermayer from NarrowWebTech 1-2018

At the beginning of this year we started a new format: titled “At a glance” it is published in each print issue of NarrowWebTech picking up the most interesting articles, the best quotes or the latest market data. This new format is never the same because we cover the whole world of label production, reviewing technologies, market trends and events, reporting about new products and installations, and more. Take a look at our new “At a glance” out of the issue 1-2018!

 Please find the whole page as published in our March issue by clicking on the following picture:


Our new section “At a glance” first published in NarrowWebTech 1-2018 (Source: NarrowWebTech 1-2018)

 Quote of this issue

“I predict 2018 will be a year of innovation as our industry accelerates its expansion beyond its traditional barriers.” Chris Ellison, managing director of OPM Group and FINAT president

More opinions and comments by label printers, converters and label associations can be found in our latest survey, published as interview series online – read more in this post!

Latest product in our shop

Focus topic: Digital printing: What is the current market situation? Is digital label and package printing a big threat – or a great opportunity? Find the best articles from the whole of 2017 in our “Digital Printing today – Annual Edition 2017” – available as a download by visiting our shop at shop.gk-techmedia.com!

The latest journey:

Denmark Want to know what the headquarters of Nilpeter and Vetaphone look like? Find the answers in NarrowWebTech issue 1-2018 on page 5o.

Number of this issue – Global label demand

The global demand for labels is projected to increase by 4.1% per year with Asia/Pacific accounting for 41% of global sales. Read more in our market report “How is the global label demand developing by 2020?” published also online here!

Experience at a glance

“With this renovation, we have put an end to the chapter of book printing in our company, as planned” – Markus Klein, operations manager and future managing director at Mausshardt Etiketten. Read the article describing their experience in full length here: https://narrowwebtech.com/industry-news/a-reduction-in-a-prepress-workload-of-30-blair-labeling-installs-esko-automation-engine-quickstart-for-labels

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