“At a glance”: Personal recommendations by editor Rosina Obermayer from NarrowWebTech 2-2018

At the beginning of this year we started a new format: titled “At a glance” it is published in each print issue of NarrowWebTech picking up the most interesting articles, the best quotes or the latest market data. This new format is never the same – it might be a special label, an interesting quote, a figure about the label market or maybe only a very special new download in our shop! Take a look at our new “At a glance” out of the issue 2-2018! 

Please find the whole page as published in our May issue by clicking on the following picture:


Click for higher resolution to read “At a glance”, a quite new category published for the second time, in NarrowWebTech issue 2-2018


Quote of this issue

“The way in which labels are purchased has changed moving from the mass production of labels for a well known brand to the production of labels to meet an immediate demand using JIT (Just in time) applications.”

Tony White, editorial consultant (page 60), also published in the comment “The past twenty years of NarrowWebTech”!

More opinions, statements and reviews regarding the latest twenty years label industry can be found in our “20 years anniversary special” – available as download in our shop! Find our more here!

Top 5 articles online

Which topics interested our readers the most? What news is read online most often? That’s our Top 5 of the most clicked articles and news on our website over a three-month period (February, March and April 2018):

Number of this issue – Release liner production: 39% in Asia/Pacific

In an interview with NarrowWebTech Corey M Reardon, President and CEO AWA Alexander Watson Associates (AWA), comments on the current status of the release liner industry, the challenges companies are facing and how to meet these developments – take a look on page 64 on NarrowWebTech 2-2018!

The interview is also published online in this post (part 1) and here (part 2)!

A very special label

Did you see the shiny label applied to the cover page of this issue? On the occasion of our 20th anniversary we designed a special label. How did this happen? How was it produced? Which material was used? Find out more by taking a look on page 6 or in this post!!

That is our second edition of “At a glance”, first published in NarrowWebTech 2-2018. What do you think? Send your opinion to editor Rosina Obermayer (obermayer@gk-techmedia.com)

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