Avonlea Labels: Rates Rapid X2 colour as best

Nick Mansell, Mike Ellis and the Rapid X2 digital label press

AUSTRALIA The NSW-based printer, Avonlea Labels, has rated the image quality from its Rapid X2 narrow-web press, with D2 finisher, as the best from all of its many presses.

»Our operators are finding that colour from the Rapid X2 surpasses that of other digital processes and even some flexo jobs« says Owner MIKE ELLIS. »Some jobs have returned to the X2 after being printed on other machines, mainly due to ‘flat’ colour. The Memjet-powered X2 just seems to make the colour pop. We are also noticing lower running costs on the X2, since it requires much shorter make-ready and the ink cartridges last quite a while. «

Avonlea Labels was established 45 years ago and specialises in all industrial applications of self-adhesive labels for both trade and end-user customers. Its main flexo press is an Edale Alpha with shorter runs printed digitally on either the Rapid X2, QLS Vivo or a recently installed HP Indigo.

Rapid X General Manager, NICK MANSELL says »Avonlea has been a customer for many years with our unwinders and rewinders. Its D2 digital die-cutter/laminator is equipped with a Rapid RPU250 unwinder and R2 rewinder while another 250 mm (9.84”) rewinder is available. «

Andreas Keller

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