AWA: Global market update on labeling and product decoration

World Demand for Labels 2013

2013 was a year when economic growth at last accelerated for the global label and product decoration industry, with demand at 3.5% over prior year.  There was a return to sustainable business levels in the developed European markets, but the North American market lagged behind global growth through a decline in demand for glue-applied systems.  Growth in the emerging markets of China, India, and South America also slowed, but continued to be the powerhouse for overall global growth. The migration from established pressure-sensitive and glue-applied label formats to sleeving technologies continued, and positive growth in in-mold labeling was also in evidence.

These trends, along with raw material pricing, M&A activities in the industry, choice of labeling substrate, and perceptions of the market’s future directions can be found in the AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ Global Labeling & Product Decoration Market Update 2014.

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World Demand for Labels 2013

Andreas Keller

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