CC1 – Aftermarket sales agreement with Mark Andy

Recent retrofit installations of CC1's DRC-6000L on Mark Andy presses are producing make-ready savings of 50-75% in establishing colour register

USA • The company have entered into an agreement with Mark Andy to offer their DRC-6000L automatic register control through the press manufacturer’s aftermarket sales channels. The agreement provides CC1 with wide exposure for the DRC-6000L as positive results and proven ROI numbers are achieved on the newest capability in establishing final register.

Camera-based and running on CC1’s proprietary software platform, the advanced register control capabilities made possible with the DRC-6000L are critical to address the demand for greater and tighter register accuracy and more complex packaging. The DRC-6000L is providing label printers with 50-75% waste savings in establishing colour register during make-ready. Unique to the DRC-6000L, final register can be established automatically even if colour marks overlap. Successful ROI has already prompted several industry leaders to purchase additional systems to outfit more of their presses.

CC1 is a innovator in the use of camera technology for process measurement and control in the web printing market. Founded in 1979, they developed the first camera-based web inspection system which became the standard across all web printing applications. As time and technology advanced, the company migrated their product line to the first commercially available camera-based automatic register controls in 1990.

Armin Karl Geiger

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