Collotype Labels Italia: Recycling award winner

ITALY. The company has been announced as the winner of the first »RafCycle Award« at Labelexpo Europe 2013. Collotype Labels Italia has demonstrated a solid commitment to improving the environmental performance of self-adhesive labelling and promoting the sustainability of the entire labelling business.

»The forward-looking commitment to recycling at Collotype advances the reduction of carbon footprint which is one essential focus in securing the long-term sustainability of the industry «, says Flavio Aragozzini, Sales Director at UPM Raflatac Italy. Based on the data from the first three quarters of this year, Collotype Labels Italia is on target to collect and return approximately 1000 tonnes of self-adhesive matrix waste from their operations.

According to UPM Raflatac’s lifecycle assessment (LCA), this has reduced their carbon footprint by approximately 20%. Collotype is committed to recycling glassine liner waste, and they are actively promoting RafCycle to their customers for the collection of spent glassine liner. This is of particular interest to customers considering the change from wet-glue to self-adhesive labelling. Filippo Guidott i, Director of R&D at Collotype Labels Italia, accepted the award during Labelexpo: »We are very proud of receiving this award.

Everyone at Collotype Labels Italia is committed to environmental thinking. With RafCycle, we have reached double digit savings compared to sending our labelstock waste to landfill, and we have been able to offer new environmental solutions and business opportunities to our customers as well.«

In Italy, RafCycle is supported by LCI srl of Treviso, a joint venture between Rowe GmbH of Nuremberg/D and UPM for collecting various recovered paper grades from the local paper business, contributing to waste reduction and lower disposal costs.

Andreas Keller

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