Dalim Software: Launch new software Twist 7

The makers of scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, has launched Twist 7 automation software. Dalim Software has associations with GWG, Fogra and idealliance as well as strategic partnerships with many vendors.

General features include the ability to build a variety of processing paths; extensive modular feature set; automation of repetitive tasks such as pre-flighting; file optimisation and conversion; colour management; and trapping.

Twist 7 has a number of new features that help automation, prevent file errors, and provides speed improvements of up to a factor of 4. The software is also able to receive files by hot folder or web upload, monitor ftp servers and also receive files via e-mail, making it easier for printers and media service providers to receive customer files. Twist 7 can collect any e-mail message content as metadata to dynamically drive a workflow.


Andreas Keller

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