DigiFlex: Cooperation with BeeGraphic

ITALY/SAN MARINO/SWITZERLAND DigiFlex Ltd. of Kefar Sava, Israel, announces the nomination of BeeGraphic as its exclusive distributor for Italy, San Marino, Vatican and Ticino, Switzerland.

Goliardo Butti, CEO of BeeGraphic, added: “Small flexo, letterpress and silkscreen printers need a substitution for their pre-press needs, but cheaper, more robust and with higher quality. We see DigiFlex FlexoJet as win-win solution. 100% compatibility with existing presses is granted by using the same analogue plates.”

The DigiFlex FlexoJet 1725 is a inkjet-based CtP solution for photopolymer flexographic, letterpress, dry-offset, and rotary silk screen printing technologies. It allows analogue plate materials to be imaged digitally. The solution consists of a printing device, software, and a bi-component ink to create an opaque mask directly on top of the plate, replacing the need for film, imagesetter,  and all of the chemical processing steps and equipment required for them. After the image mask is created on top of the plate, exposure and processing of the plate remains unchanged from current processes. The DigiFlex technology also seals the plate against oxygen interference with UV hardening of the plate surface, resulting in flat-top printing dots, as well as a textured dot surface to maximize ink transfer, density, consistency, and uniformity on press. Maximum plate size is 17.32″ x 25.2″

Andreas Keller

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