Download: eDossier “From measurement technology to colour workflow”

Download: eDossier "From measurement technology to colour workflow"

The fast and secure achievement of in-house standards for CMYK and special colours is an important production factor for high-quality packaging printing. Systems for in-line spectral measurement on printing presses becomes a central component if integrated in a complete colour workflow. This article provides information on the reasonable use of this technology and gives an overview of various solutions.

Manufacturers and users of inline measurement systems usually refer to three major benefits which the systems offer:

1. Binding customers with high quality requirements

The use of such system which includes the continuous logging of entire print runs is already an important distinguishing feature compared to many competitive products. If customers insist on measurement logs from the print run, it should be noted that there is no international prototype meter for spectral colour measurement. However, all providers of in-line systems offer the possibility of adapting their system to hand-held measuring instruments. Read the full article in our eDossier “From measurement technology to colour workflow.”

2. Reduced start-up waste and shorter set-up times

Print shops which successfully use spectral in-line measurement systems ensure a technical connection to other areas, such as ink formulation, and the training of printers and sales employees. The sales department must make sure that their customers have approved proofs and/or samples of the ink formulation to which the internal processes in the print shop are adapted before the actual printing date. If a customer appears at the printing press with their own colour sample, this may lead to a substantial prolongation of the set-up time and increased waste.

From a technical point of view, in-line measurement systems are an integral part of the formulation and dosing of ink. The effort of integrating reasonable set-point values into the system in an order-related manner must not be underestimated and/or, in the event of deviation from the set-point value, the measuring values are used effectively for subsequent formulation.

The printing press operators need to be trained and convinced that the target colours are achieved faster with the new system. In order to get more information, visit our shop to download the whole article for EUR 3,99.

3. Improvement of the internal quality management

With in-line measurement technology, large volumes of production measurement data are available, which provide new options in quality management. In the area of printing with CMYK colours, for instance, it is possible to always compare the hue of solids and the dot gain to the results of the finger print tests representing the basis of the print-colour accurate proof at all times. If deviations occur throughout several jobs, it is necessary to get to the root of the problem and perhaps improvise in an order-related manner until the proof is safely achieved.

IT interfaces and in-line measurement

Most of the time, the successful introduction of in-line measuring instruments is connected to complex IT projects, e.g. in order to assume order-related set-point values from the ink formulation or to use the measuring values for subsequent formulation. To some extent, there can be great differences in how well the respective measuring solution can be integrated into an existing IT landscape. Learn more about “From measurement technology to colour workflow” – you can easily download it for EUR 3,99 in our shop.

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