Download: eDossier “Label printing in India”

Download: eDossier "Label printing in India"
Download: eDossier "Label printing in India"

India is one of the biggest and most important emerging markets in the world. This also includes label printing. The two articles assembled in this bundle take account of this fact. They refer to the current status of digital label printing in India and also to the take of the country’s label printers towards Labelexpo Europe 2015. Read the full article in our eDossier “Label printing in India.“


Indians take on Labelexpo Europe 2015

Every two years, as it gets closer to Labelexpo Europe in Brussels, excitement builds among members of the global narrow web label industry. Printing companies start looking forward to meeting industry peers from across the globe and the showcasing of developments that suppliers and machine builders have been working on in the preceding two years. 

Labelexpo Europe is recognized as the largest label event in the world and attracts decision makers from the finest of label printing companies. The last edition of the show was the largest so far in its 35 year history and this one is expected to be bigger. 31795 visitors attended in 2013 – 11% more than in 2011. Visitors came from 158 countries to see exhibitors across seven halls covering 31000 square metres of floor space. The number of exhibitors also grew to almost 600 up from 550 in 2011, demonstrating confidence in, and the importance of, this show. In order to get more information, visit our shop to download the whole article for EUR 3,30.


Label printing in India: Digital has to wait a while!

India has been termed as perhaps the fastest growing market for printed products in the world. According to the NPES/PRIMIR World Wide Market for Print study, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, “the size of India’s print market will be USD 29.3 billion in 2017 up from USD 24.3 billion in 2014. Print market growth in India has slowed down since the global financial crisis, but the market will continue to grow over the period through 2017; total print product revenues in India will grow at 6.8% annually through 2017”.

Digital printing accounts for 15% of all printed products globally. However, as for India, given the late start and slower adoption of new and fast changing technologies by the cautious print fraternity, even if we make a moderate estimate, the market size for all the digital printed products should be within USD 3-4 billion. This is my personal estimation but if I take predictions and estimation of industry leaders, it appears to be relatively accurate. Pankaj Kalra of Xerox stated in 2012, that “the size of the digital printing market is estimated at USD 1.5 billion now and is expected to grow to USD 2.5 billion by 2012-13” clocking a whopping 70% growth! The packaging and label segment account for over 40% of the total printed products in India and the segment is growing at 15% against a global growth rate of 5%. Learn more about “Label printing in India” – you can easily download it for EUR 3,30 in our shop.

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