Download: eDossier “Short run jobs on mid-web presses”

Download: eDossier "Short run jobs on mid-web presses"

Flexible packaging is facing the general trend of shrinking job lengths. A printer has decided to opt for a mid-web flexo press as an addition to existing wide web presses in order to economically print short runs and to remain competitive.

The ability to supply customised flexible packaging products with shorter lead times and run lengths is one of the keys to success according to Reno, Nevada-based Momar Industries. Flexible packaging is arguably the most dynamic segment in the packaging industry. The evidence for this can be seen on store shelves in virtually any retail setting. Read the full article in our eDossier “Short run jobs on mid-web presses.“

New flexible packaging configurations are popping up everywhere, usually as “new and improved packages” that replace rigid packaging (in the form of glass, plastic, or metal containers). Many times these new flexible packages provide a window of distinctive competitive advantage that allows products to stand out on store shelves. In addition, flexible packages can provide real sustainability advantages throughout the supply chain, along with cost advantages that many times go handin-hand with sustainability gains.

Companies that compete in this segment reflect the dynamic nature of the industry. They are typically agile, efficient, disciplined, and technically strong in materials and converting process technologies. One such company that meets this description is Momar Industries, a flexible packaging converter that has been successfully supplying the industry for 30 years.

Momar Industries produces a wide range of flexible packaging products for lidding (including tamper-evident, aseptic, and breathable), overwrap, pouches, bags, and retort applications, serving the food, beverage, snack, home-care, personal-care, petcare, and industrial markets. It also supplies custom laminations to other converter customers. The company is part of a larger entity, the Field Holdings family of manufacturing companies, which includes plants in Ohio and Texas that serve industrial, home, garden, agriculture, and medical markets. In order to get more information, visit our shop to download the whole article.

According to Jeff Cheak, President of Momar Industries, the company’s growth strategy is built upon shorter lead-times and customised applications. “We are fast; not low-cost as most refer to cost, but a value-creator that develops products for applications across most packaging markets that are custom.” Momar is able to provide efficient production quantities that many other converters find unacceptable, mainly due to its equipment capabilities and the deep and broad experience of its employee base.

“As such, we save our customers time, material, and in the end, indeed, we lower operating cost for all participants in the supply chain,” notes Cheak.

One aspect that makes flexible packaging such a challenge is the breadth of what the packaging provides: product security and protection, in-use functionality, and consumer messaging and appeal, to name a few. Momar Industries recognises this and focuses its efforts on what it calls the “science of flexible packaging.” Learn more about “Short run jobs on mid-web presses” – you can easily download it in our shop.

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