Download: eDossier “Special Digital Printing today 2-2016” presented by NarrowWebTech

“Special Digital Printing today 2-2016” presented by NarrowWebTech

Digital printing opens up a perspective, with which all today’s label and packaging printers have to deal. In the second edition of our special “Digital Printing today” the following articles inform you about the latest trends in digital printing: “Digital printing – a condensed overview” written by Dieter Finna, “drupa 2016 – a perfect platform for Domino’s digital portfolio” written by Philip Easton and Digital finishing systems at drupa 2016 written by John Penhallow.

Digital printing – a condensed overview

Digital printing opens up a perspective, with which all today’s label and packaging printers have to deal. And so it seems appropriate to present the current status of digital packaging printing, explain the benefits and indicate notable conditions – Part 2. Read the full article in our eDossier “Special Digital Printing today 2-2016.“

Inkjet printing with water-based inks transfers a high wet film thickness through the water, which acts as a solvent. In doing so, the water and the colouring components of the ink penetrate deep into the uncoated paper. Even for coated paper, no complete colour coat is created, meaning that a primer is still necessary to fix the ink to the surface. For food packaging, attention must be given to ensuring a low-migration combination of ink and primer, while the use of water-based colours is currently restricted to coated and semi-coated paper for inkjet printing on corrugated cardboard. Any substrates can be used with UV inks.

drupa 2016 – a perfect platform for Domino’s digital portfolio

As a market leader in the development and manufacture of digital inkjet printing technologies, Domino Digital Printing Solutions is committed to delivering a range of versatile solutions that provide its customers with real added value and meet different end user requirements. In order to get more information, visit our shop to download the whole article for EUR 5,99.

This year’s drupa was the perfect platform for conveying the above message to an international audience, where Domino had the opportunity to showcase its latest digital innovations that ranged from job creation and workflow, through to printing and final product finishing.

Digital finishing systems at drupa 2016

Digital printing has grabbed most of the headlines, but digital finishing has been moving even faster. Laser die-cutting, foiling, coating and inspection are changing to meet, or even overtake, digital print technology.

The starting position

Lasers are not new. When the first systems were developed in the early 1960s they were described as “A solution looking for a problem”. Today, the solutions are everywhere – in laboratories, hospitals and in many different industries. Their use in the self-adhesive label sector is more recent: as digital label printing began to gain ground, conventional die-cutting became a bottleneck. The early laser die-cutting units were slow and hard to adjust, but progress was rapid. Today more than a dozen manufacturers offer laser die-cutters for labels. Many of them exhibited at drupa 2016. Learn more about “Special Digital Printing today 2-2016” – you can easily download it  for EUR 5,99 in our shop.

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