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Download now: “Special Digital Printing today 2-2017” presented by NarrowWebTech (Source: G&K TechMedia)

Digital printing opens up a perspective, with which all today’s label and packaging printers have to deal. In the second edition of our special “Digital Printing today” 2017 these articles – among others – inform you about the latest trends in digital printing: “Direct Digital Print – Threat or opportunity for the label industry?” written by Dieter Finna and “Marketing opportunities for digitally printed label products” written by Christine Hartmann.

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This time, the editorial team of NarrowWebTech reports about:

1 ) The FINAT Digital Label Study – The status of the European digital label market

Digital label printing is one of the most relevant trends in our industry. Currently, there are estimated 2,000 digital press installations in Europe. In 2016 between 170 and 180 digital presses were installed in the European marketplace. The label association FINAT presented its latest study of the current digital label market in Europe during the European Label Forum 2017.

2 ) Direct Digital Print – Threat or opportunity for the label industry?

In the markets session of the FINAT European Label Forum 2017 in Berlin, Corey Reardon of AWA Alexander Watson Associates provided an overview of the current status of direct digital printing on packaging containers. The presentation was based on recently updated research and focused on identifying key drivers for growth of direct digital inkjet printing to containers. The presentation also contained an assessment of where direct digital printing could most likely replace more traditional methods of container decoration.

3 ) What does digital printing mean for the label printing industry?

The majority of the innovations in label and packaging have been made possible by the advances in digital print since the beginning of the decade. Whether it’s in the form of digital presses, hybrid presses, colour management software, or sophisticated finishing line solutions, the opportunities offered by digital are manifold and enable label printers to achieve unparalleled levels of creativity. It is no longer only about efficiently producing short and medium length production runs, it is also about offering customers innovative added-value design capability.

4 ) Marketing opportunities for digitally printed label products

During the past few years digital printing has gained more importance. Despite this fact the opportunities for this technology are hardly used by marketing experts. It is easier to reach a target group with the help of digital printing. The possibilities of exploring test markets and trying out the different label varieties have improved tremendously. Operational processes like short-term orders and warehousing can also profit from digital printing.

5 ) A long overdue step – With the foundation of the Mouvent company, Bobst pools its digital printing competence

 Gathered together during a press conference in July 2017, Bobst surprised the representatives of the international trade press with the following news:The Swiss manufacturer of equipment for packaging and label printers together with the start-up company Radex established the joint venture Mouvent. And even more, they also expressed their intention to further develop this new company into a competence centre for digital printing for Bobst. With regard to the previous activities in the field of digital printing, this is not only a reasonable but also a necessary measure.

 6 ) Redesign of the hybrid Panorama press

Danish press manufacturer Nilpeter has made major enhancements to their digital product line Panorama. This includes a complete re-design of the Panorama’s converting and flexo printing units and a major update of the press software.

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