EFI: Digital Front End Platform with Fiery FS150 Pro

Digital Front End Platform with Fiery FS150 Pro

BELGIUM EFI has launched the Fiery FS150 Pro digital front end (DFE) platform for cut-sheet digital production systems. According to EFI, the Fiery offers faster processing, high image quality, seamless MIS/ERP integration and easier to use automated workflows.

Fiery HyperRIP can simultaneously processing a print job on four processor cores. The company claims that, users can get their full-colour digital print jobs processed up to 55% faster than Fiery Driven presses without HyperRIP. The Fiery FS150 Pro DFE has a new greyscale composite overprint feature that ensures correct monochrome printing of overprints, drop shadows and transparencies.

Fiery ImageViewer, an application that allows users to view full resolution raster data in real time and adjust the final raster output before printing, now includes the ability to save last-minute colour adjustments so future jobs that require the same type of colour correction can be produced faster.

Andreas Keller

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