EFI: Introduces Fiery digital front end

EFI Pro Series Stand

BELGIUM EFI has introduced a new EFI Fiery digital front end (DFE) on new Ricoh Pro 8100s/8100EX /8110s/8120s black-and-white digital printers. EFI Fiery EB-32 DFE is built on the latest Fiery FS100 Pro platform. The new DFE includes Fiery Grayscale Calibration, a software feature that automatically measures and corrects tonal variances on black-and-white images. Users who also use Fiery on colour digital presses can connect the DFE with their existing print workflow.

The Fiery EB-32 provides connectivity to third-party prepress workflow solutions such as Kodak Prinergy and Agfa Apogee to enable hybrid digital and offset workflows. The DFE integrates with automated estimating, scheduling, job ticketing, accounting and other processes managed by EFI’s suite of industry-leading management workflow and web-to-print products.

A new pad-printing feature on the DFE allows operators to easily create a pad from a single-page job, insert a back cover/slip and print with minimal manual collation. The Fiery EB-32 DFE is available from Ricoh and authorised Ricoh resellers.

Andreas Keller

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