EKS-Label invests in DSI digital UV-inkjet press

EKS-Label’s joint managing directors Angela Nawrot (left) and Nicole Fischer (right) with the new DSI press from SPGPrints.

THE NETHERLANDS • German self-adhesive label converter, EKS-Label has invested in an eight-colour Digital System Integration (DSI) UV-inkjet press from SPGPrints, in order to meet the growing demand for short runs of self-adhesive labels.

The custom-built 330mm (13”) DSI press features the standard CMYK plus orange and violet, enabling reproduction of 90% of visible colours, a digital primer and opaque white, speeds of 35m/min (114fpm) and includes converting technology from AB Graphic. Esko Automation software provides file management.

The company hope that the press will relieve EKS’s existing letterpress and offset presses of production runs between 100 linear metres and 3000 linear metres, allowing the analogue printing operation to focus on long jobs.

According to the company, a deciding factor in the EKS’s investment was the DSI’s high specification. LED pinning between the colour stations ensures high-quality, consistent ink laydowns at fast printing speeds, and a chill drum maintains the stability of heat-sensitive film substrates. This gives full scheduling flexibility to EKS, because much of the company’s output comprises PP, PE and PET materials, mainly to customers in the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The digital primer – an optional feature – achieves the embossed effect without material waste, because it needs only to be applied to the image area and eliminates the need for pre-coated paper.

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Andreas Keller

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