Esko:Veepee gains Full HD Flexo and CDI technology

INDIA Indian tradeshop Veepee Graphic Solutions is one of the first Asian companies to adopt Esko “Full HD Flexo” and obtain the Full HD Flexo Certification. Veepee’s relationship with Esko started in 2006 with the installation of a CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager). Other investments over the past years include licenses for a raft of Esko prepress software solutions such as Packedge, Flexrip and Plato to name a few. As the flexo printing process evolved over the years, and with more packaging jobs shifting from offset and gravure to flexographic printing, the challenge was to reproduce high quality graphics. This is when the company launched their inline UV technology with HD Flexo screening. Veepee installed the first CDI with the inline UV and HD screening in the Asian region by the end of 2009. Last year, Veepee extended its cooperation with Esko by adopting Full HD Flexo, which enabled the company to increase production capabilities.

Andreas Keller

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