Emmetre: Europe’s first installation

ITALY.  The label company reports significant quality and productivity gains after expanding its production with digital flexo imaging capability installing an Esko CDI Spark 2420 making it the first printer in Europe to adopt the latest model of the CDI family.

Moreno Berro, Director and Prepress Manager at Emmetre, explains: »We are known as a flexible company, always able to quickly respond to market demands. Our investment in the CDI Spark 2420 demonstrates our high level of innovation. The CDI is equipped with magnetic drum and vacuum system, and works with all the brands of digital flexo plates available on the market and with Polyesterbased digital (steel-based) letterpress plates. Thanks to this solution, we can provide our customers with the confidence of knowing that they will consistently receive high-quality printed materials from us.«


Founded in 2007 by three partners with extensive experience in the graphic arts industry, the company decided not to specialise in a particular field, as most label printers do. Instead, they serve customers regardless of the application and answer the most varied needs.

As a result, Emmetre delivers self-adhesive labels on any material and in any format customers may require. They operate three production lineswhich include two letterpress machines, a UV flexo system, a finishing line and two lines for label quality assurance.

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