Fujifilm: Demonstrates colour profiling for digital print

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Fujifilm demonstrates at Ipex, how colour management software, XMF Colorpath works.

ISO12647-2 is specifically for offset printing, but how does digital printing conform? There are many offset specific criteria within the specification such as dot gain and screening, which also exist in digital printing, but are not as such defined as ISO standards.

XMF Colorpath enables the company’s flagship B2 digital inkjet press, the Jet Press 720, to be set up so that it aligns to an offset press which conforms to ISO12647-2. This is achieved by verifying the digital print as being able to match the equivalent job printed on an offset press that does print to ISO12647-2.

The colour management software has been developed with a process driven approach to creating colour profiles. A set of simple procedures enable a digital press such as the Jet Press 720 to quickly match an offset press printing to the required standard.

John Davies, business strategy & marketing manager EMEA Software Business Unit (ESBU) at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe, explains: “A standard colour chart needs to be printed on the Jet Press 720 which is measured by XMF Colorpath. These measurements are then automatically sent to the cloud-based servers where colour profiles are generated that match the Jet Press 720 output to the ISO12647-2 standard. The profiles are automatically delivered back into the XMF workflow system that is driving production through the press.”

With the addition of a small colour bar added to each job, these can be monitored day-by-day or job-by-job to check if there is any drift in colour due to, for example, environmental changes. If drift is noticed then there is an automatic procedure where XMF Colorpath generates and delivers a new profile to XMF Workflow to adjust for the change.


Andreas Keller

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