Gallus – Collaboration with GEW to offer UV curing technology

Christof Naier, Gallus Vice President Sales & Marketing and Malcom Rae MD and owner of GEW at Labelexpo 2015, in front of Gallus ECS 340 demo with new GEW UV Technology

BELGIUM • With over 300 units sold, the Gallus ECS 340 label printing press is one of the fastest selling presses in the industry. From the date of initial introduction, the press has been equipped with GEW’s advanced UV curing system. At Labelexpo in Brussels, Gallus demonstrated the new generation of printing units for the Gallus ECS 340 equipped with the latest UV system from GEW based on their E2C technology, specially modified for the Gallus press.

GEW’s E2C UV curing system with Rhino electronic power supply takes curing of inks and coatings to new levels of productivity and print run security. The company’s state of the art UV curing systems implement advanced UV lamphead technology along with most energy efficient power supplies. According to GEW, its 96% efficiency often means a return on investment of less than two years.

To enable all customers to witness the performance with this new system, Gallus is currently installing a Gallus ECS 340 press its St. Gallen showroom equipped with the new E2C UV system along with the Rhino UV controller. Customers will have the opportunity to test the press with conventional mercury lamps and compare it with the new LED technology.

Moving forward, LED technology for all other Gallus press models will be available as an option. The first test runs for customers will be possible beginning in November 2015.

Armin Karl Geiger

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