Gallus: “Short Run Days” in St.Gallen

The Gallus ECS 340 with “Plus” update package

SWITZERLAND Gallus is inviting potential customers from Europe and the world to St.Gallen for the “Gallus Short Run Days” on 10 and 11 April 2014. On two days with four different workshops, participants will be able to watch live demonstrations of the Gallus ECS 340 with “Plus” update package and also the near-line solution comprising the Linoprint L digital drop-on-demand (DoD) system and the Gallus ECS C converting system.

The first live demonstration will be devoted to the “Plus” update package of the Gallus ECS 340. The package features a screen printing unit, powerful UV curing, a secondary rail system, new unwinding and rewinding equipment and a foil kit for monofoil substrates, a software update with a higher maximum machine speed, and a new touch screen user interface.

Andreas Keller

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