G&K TechMedia – POP 2015 a huge success!

1. Internationale Package Printing Conference

GERMANY • On March 10th, 2015, G&K TechMedia and Acimga organised the first of a series of events under the umbrella of “POP – Print our Pack“. With a total of 114 attendees from all over the supply-chain, POP 2015 was a huge success. Even more, there is no doubt that it will be a trailblazer for subsequent events organised by G&K TechMedia and its consulting division TechMediaCommunications. Presentations by industry experts like Marcel Keuenhof of food giant Heinz about current packaging trends and developments across the globe and by Dr Dennis Bankmann of Henkel, who gave a presentation on the continuing challenge of food safe packaging were very well received by the audience.

This was followed by a panel discussions, moderated by NarrowWebTech editor-at-large Nick Coombes. The panel consisted of representatives of machinery suppliers Uteco (Aldo Peretti), Omet (Marco Calcagni) and Cerutti (Arturo Bergamaschino), and representatives of the print shops Zwart (Harry Sieljes) of The Netherlands and Bösmüller (Doris Wallner-Bösmüller) of Austria.


Another highlight of this event was the awarding ceremony of the POP TechMedia Editors Award 2015 as well as the POP ACIMGA Award 2015. These package printing awards were bestowed for the first time ever and reward the best and most innovative exhibitors during the ICE Europe show. Ansgar Wessendorf, editor of Flexo+Tief-Druck and editor-in-chief of G&K TechMedia, handed over the award in the category “Printing and Converting” to the Bobst Group. Sebastian Reisig, editor of Flexo & Gravure Global and PackagingFilms, handed over the award in the category “Printing forme and roller technology” to TZT Wilbring and Zecher. Nick Coombes handed over the award in the category “Special Solutions” to Goebel IMS and Saueressig. Recipients of the POP Acimga Award 2015 for the “Industry’s most influencing person” is Aldo Peretti, CEO and shareholder of Uteco, and Marco Calcagni, Commercial and Marketing Director of Omet.

After the ceremony, the attendees of POP 2015 used the opportunity to taste the delicious food and Italian wines and to discuss the current and future issues concerning package printing. In particular, the attendees were extremely pleased by the extensive opportunities for networking. In terms of communicativeness, the event could have lasted much longer than it actually did. All these elements of the successful POP 2015 event put together provide excellent prospects for the next edition of the POP series of events for package printing in Europe.

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