Colorsat Switch will be introduced at Labelexpo Americas

The Colorsat Switch is specifically engineered for small ink batches

THE NETHERLANDS • GSE Dispensing presents the Colorsat Switch, an automated lean ink management solution engineered for small ink batches at the Labelexpo Americas (9th-11th September, Chicago). According to the company, the Colorsat Switch ensures a fast, precise and waste-free means of achieving spot colour on demand.

The Colorsat Switch is engineered to dispense water-based, UV-curing or solvent-based ink batches into 1.3 gallon buckets with a typical four-component recipe of 11lbs produced in less than four minutes and to 0.01lbs accuracy. It has a modular design that has a capacity of 20 base inks of 55lbs, or can optionally be connected to 55 or 275 gallon totes. Features include easy exchange of buckets with base components and fast dispensing of exact quantities of ink for each individual job, eliminating operator error and ink overproduction or shortfalls.


GSE also offers gravimetric dispensing units for quantities up to 1300lb and for a maximum of 32 different components.

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