Hell Gravure Systems: Website dedicated to direct engraving

GERMANY HELL Gravure Systems GmbH & Co. KG has removed all the information on PremiumFlexo from the corporate website and brought it together on a dedicated microsite. Customers and anyone else interested can now find all the relevant information on HELL PremiumFlexo, the direct laser engraving technology from HELL, at
This completely new site, with its fresh content and structure, offers a fitting showcase for PremiumFlexo, the technology for razor-sharp direct laser engraving of elastomer forms for flexographic
printing. The microsite is part of the PremiumFlexo marketing campaign “DIRECT IS BETTER” and integrates HELL’s extensive know-how on direct laser engraving. It features a whole range of informative content and value-enhancing offerings in a compact and professional format.
While PremiumFlexo is becoming ever more successful and demand for information grows, there has so far been no comprehensive online information resource on this future-oriented technology. The existing HELL website content has thus been revamped and only fundamentally relevant archive entries have been adopted directly. Everything else has been updated and expanded in line with the ongoing development of PremiumFlexo technology.
The microsite is in two languages – German and English. As well as technical specifications, the extensive content offers a clear, detailed description of PremiumFlexo technology – the PremiumSetter engraving machines, PremiumProfiler software, and the new generation of elastomer materials.  Technical and economic benefits and unique selling points are clearly illustrated.
Various PremiumFlexo users also have their say, providing objective statements and information that will be of great interest to both decision-makers and practitioners. Drawing on their expertise, they share their experience of using this technology and moving flexographic printing over to high-quality elastomer forms.

Andreas Keller

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