Herma: Dispersion adhesive

Herma's 62Gpt adhesive - successful within just a few years.

GERMANY   Within just five years, the dispersion adhesive 62Gpt (together with its forerunner 62G) has captured a one-third share of Herma’s total sales volume, which itself has risen sharply in the same period. It is the best-selling Herma adhesive.

»Multi-layer technology has played a major part in the tremendous success of the 62Gpt adhesive. In the absence of a comparable dispersion adhesive on the market at the moment, its popularity looks set to continue. Another contributory factor is our adoption of multi-layer technology as standard for many of our products – without any additional cost to the label manufacturer« explains Managing Director, Dr Thomas Baumgärtner.

Topical examples illustrating the scope of Herma’s dispersion adhesives are tyre labels, seawater-resistant labels, and labels that can be peeled off, but do not contain any plasticisers.

Andreas Keller

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