Herma: High tech for the high seas

Hazardous goods labels destined for the high seas must be capable of resisting seawater.

The company has extended its portfolio of seawater-resistant self-adhesive materials to include four new products. Adhesives 62Xpc and 65Tpc can now endow the grade 880 White glossy PP label film. These adhesives offer high or extremely high (65Tpc) initial tack and final adhesion, and very high shear strength. They also share good or exceptional resistance to light, heat and ageing. The White matt label film PO Laser (grade 801) can be used in combination with dispersion adhesive 64Z and UV acrylate adhesive 64B.

All new products are suited to applications in which hostile weather conditions and exposure to chemicals have to be endured. Developed specifically for laser printers, the highly flexible and lightweight PO film offers compelling benefits when used for labelling drums or pallets in particular.

Herma now offers 19 different self-adhesive materials that comply with the maritime standard for adhesion. Managing Director Dr THOMAS BAUMGÄRTNER, says »We offer not only the appropriate adhesive, but also the matching label materials. Our range makes it easy for label producers to comply with the relevant part of BS 5609, namely the section that requires the printed information as well to survive three months’ exposure to seawater«.


Andreas Keller

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