How to avoid and solve die-cutting problems – Part 2 in NarrowWebTech 1-2015

Non-stick coatings protect the flexible die against adhesive residues

In today’s label production, die-cutting in most cases is performed in a rotary process. Compared to flad-bed cutting, rotary cutting needs less pre-tension. The material web can be processed continuously and at high speeds. Flexible dies which are put on magnetic cylinders have been established as a standard tool. However, many factors need to be considered to create flawless die-cutting results.

In a series of articles published in the recent issues of NarrowWebTech we explored the important basics of rotary die-cutting, which can help to prevent cutting problems. In the concluding part of our series of articles we address a few individual die-cutting challenges which require particularly intensive cooperation between the label manufacturer and the die supplier. At heart, the problems outlined here depend on the adhesive material to be die-cut, or rather on its composition. The face material, the adhesive and in particular the liner material, in themselves and in combination, can make very special demands on the user and the die-cutting tool.

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