HP 6900 – Label production on close to all substrates

HP 6900, recently added to the portfolio of the digital press manufacturer (Source: HP)

 HP has introduced a further digital press, the HP Indigo 6900. It can be obtained and used, with the according integrations, as a comprehensive one-pass-solution that, among others, offers value-added finishing and converting. Besides from labels and pouches it is able accommodate further print products. NarrowWebTech explains the new digital press in detail in the latest Digital Printing today special.

Written by Sabine Slaughter


Digital production of labels increases constantly. This has two reasons: Brand owners increasingly request shorter and shorter run lengths and delivery times. In addition, the possibilities of individualised, personalised and promotion related digital production open up a host of new marketing applications.

The HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press is able to produce labels, whereby all kinds of papers, label stock, unsupported films, IML, tube laminates, folding cartons and paperboards can be printed on. In addition, flexible packaging substrates such as shrink films can be processed.

The Pack Ready solutions enables the digital printing press to accommodate high-resistance labels, such as those required in food, home appliance, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Printed security features can also be applied to labels, which is especially an issue for brand owners. Substrates from 12 to 450 microns can be printed with up to 40 m/min (131 fpm) in Enhanced Productivity Mode.

97% of the Pantone colour gamut

The HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press can print with up to seven colours, including CMYK, various whites, orange, violet and green, as well as fade-resistant yellow and magenta, spot colours, fluorescent pink, invisible colours, and silver (as a novelty). Similar to Pantone 877, a range of metallic colours can thus be printed using silver ink.

According to the manufacturer, with the off-press solution HP IndiChrome, a colour-mixing solution for spot colours, up to 97% of the Pantone colour gamut can be accurately reproduced. Again, this is very important for brand owners and their specific brand colours. The different shades of white ensure that, in addition to a full white background on films or papers, opaque effects can be achieved. HP offers two different white printing inks. A third white ink is designed for printing on shrink films.

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HP 6900, recently added to the portfolio of the digital press manufacturer (Source: HP)



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