Hydramotion: New online viscometer

ENGLAND The new compact online viscometer Indie is said to be ideal for the continuous monitoring of ink viscosity in realtime. It eliminates the need for time-consuming lab measurements and minimising costly downtime.

This new viscometer combines high sensitivity with high performance and excellent repeatability, even at viscosities below that of water. The system is easily configured to automatically feed and blend in solvent or diluent to maintain the ink viscosity within pre-set limits, ensuring consistent print quality with minimal operator intervention.

Measurements are unaffected by flow rate, turbulence, external vibration or the presence of small bubbles or solid particles. As with all Hydramotion viscometers, the Indie is factory-calibrated to certified viscosity standards traceable to NIST and (unlike many other types of viscometer) needs no recalibration. Calibration is unaffected by the size of the container, eliminating the need for any special pipe work.

There are no moving parts or bearings that can wear out or fail in service, so routine maintenance is virtually negligible. An integral thermometer provides simultaneous measurement of ink temperature, making it possible to monitor viscosity corrected to a reference temperature at the same time and eliminate errors or uncertainties resulting from temperature fluctuations.

The instrument can be mounted at any location and in any orientation in vessels or pipelines of virtually any size.

An optional USB output facilitates direct connection to a PC or laptop for using the dedicated ViscoLink software package.



Andreas Keller

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