IST METZ: Extends its facilities

From left to right: Christian Metz, Director IT & Processes at IST METZ and grandson of the company founder, Otmar Heirich, Senior Mayor of Nuertingen, Antonio Camuti, Architect, Dirk Jägers, Managing Director of IST METZ, Manfred Sommer, Architect, Gerhard Metz, Founder of IST METZ.

GERMANY On the site of Fabrikstrasse in Nürtingen-Zizishausen a new building is being constructed. Company Founder, GERHARD METZ turned the first spade-full of earth at today’s ground-breaking ceremony.

The building was originally used as a warehouse for IST Metz Group. As all signals point to growth, the old building was torn down, and the construction of a new larger energy-efficient building began.


Andreas Keller

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