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What's the game changer? Label printers, label converters and associations are answering (Source: G&K TechMedia)

As LED UV is becoming more and more used within the label (and also package printing) we – the editorial team of NarrowWebTech – want to know your opinion: What is UV LED now? Join our new survey now by answering only four questions!

It is time to highlight the topic “LED UV”. We ask you to answer four questions:


  1. What is the current market situation for LED UV (if possible with regard to narrow web production) and how will this further develop during the upcoming years?
  2. LED UV curing opens up potential for processing difficult substrates. What are the most promising applications with regard to narrow web production?
  3. Ink migration is a hot topic: What are the challenges regarding printing inks and substrates? Compared with other ink systems, what do print shops have to consider if processing LED UV inks?
  4. LED UV is often characterized as being sustainable: What ecological aspects do you identify such as recyclability of the printed and cured substrates?

Please send your answers by the 17th October to editor Rosina Obermayer,!

Please keep your answer to each question within a 600-character limit (including spaces).

 We should like to publish the name, title and a photograph (min 300 dpi) of the responding person – the answers will be published in the November issue, 4-2018, of NarrowWebTech and/or online on this website.

If you have any queries regarding this survey, don’t hesitate to contact Rosina Obermayer /by mail or by phone +49-(0)76 41-9 57 86-27).

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