Labelexpo: Advice for vendors

Secrets of successful publicity

You’re in Chicago, an exhibitor at the big trade show. You have worked on your booth for weeks, months, and you’re ready for the spectacle, the competition and the converters. When they arrive you celebrate them, serenade them, feed them and find ways to fit your products into their factories. This is your purpose and you’re good at it.

The editor of a trade magazine shows up. Great, let’s tell him/her everything. “We have a superb marketing plan, a mission statement with just a few clichés, Guinness World Record customer service, and let me tell you what the converter needs to know about us.” Stop there.

Your business is to know the needs of your customers. Knowing the needs of business press editors is not in your job description, but it’s worth knowing this: They, too, have dozens of appointments throughout the day.

When the journalist comes to your booth at Labelexpo, give him/her the latest news about your products. Don’t show slides of your founder. Talk about how the label converter can streamline production, cut waste, please customers by using your piece of equipment, software or service. Talk about the differences among the old and the new and the now. And be quick about it.

Editors are messengers. We deliver your information to your customers, our readers. We don’t run presses or printing companies, but we study hard to understand what you do and what they do. Experience has made us wary, critical, cynical at times, but the best of us know sincerity from leagues away.

Jack Kenny will be at Labelexpo Americas. Make an appointment with him today: and remember this advice when he comes to your booth!



Jack Kenny
Jack Kenny, NarrowWebTech's North American correspondent, has written about the label and packaging industries since 1995.

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